Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mission Itinerary

July 18th
*Depart US for Uganda 8:30pm

July 19th
*Arrive in Entebbe at 11:40pm...head straight to the Sophie Hotel for the night

July 20th
*"Return Ministries Uganda" and the Kampala Market

July 21st
*"Return Ministries Uganda" and "My Father's House" orphanage
*Head to Jinja for the night

July 22nd
*"Canaans's Children's Home"
*Boat ride on the Nile

July 23rd
*Back to "Canaan's Children's Home" in the morning and afternoon
*Head to "Amazima" at night to help prepare for the feeding program on Saturday

July 24th
*"Amazima" feeding program

July 25th
*Church with Pastor Isaac
*Lead the children's Sunday school
*Depart to Addis at 6:00pm....arrive in Ethiopia at 8:00pm

July 26th
*Day at Fistula Hospital

July 27th
*Korah Dump with Project 61

July 28th
*AWA Transitional Home and Kids Care

July 29th
*"The Forsaken Children" Program

July 30th
*"A Hope" HIV orphanages

July 31st
*"Hope for Entoto" impoverished children program
*Arrive at airport for 10:00pm departure to US

Aug 1st
*Arrive HOME...not sure what time yet :)

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