Thursday, June 24, 2010

We have our flights!

I just received my flight schedule....this is really happening! As soon as I read it, I was filled with many mixed emotions....excitement, joy, fear, and a bit of anxiety! I can not wait to get there....especially after reading all of Ashlie's updates and seeing her photos...the need for us is so great...but I have never even left the country before, let alone traveled without my family across the world for 2 weeks! I know that there is no room for fear or anxiety as I begin this journey...I have been spending more time in prayer, asking the Lord to prepare my mind, body and heart for what is to come. Never in my life will I have to rely so much on my faith! If anyone has any words of wisdom...or any helpful hints to pack for this climate (has to fit in carry-on) I would be so grateful!

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